Commercial Automation

Improve business operations and employee collaboration with integrated and automated control of media, lighting, shades and security.


Proactive support to protect your network and data

Backup and Recovery

Backup and restore critical files or entire system images to keep your business running
  • Store backups to local and cloud storage
  • Recover to new hardware or virtual machine
  • Backups are encrypted to keep your data secure

Network Design

Custom designed to suit your needs, new installation or upgrade
  • Designed to meet current needs and future growth
  • Ensure security, capacity and bandwidth needs are met
  • Site assessment for best Wi-Fi performance and equipment placement

Network Security

Advanced Security Solutions and Network Monitoring Protects Your Digital Life
  • Network firewalls, VPNs and data encryption
  • High-performance access points, routers and switches boost security
  • Remote diagnostic services keep network running smoothly at all times

Monitoring and Maintenance

Remote Monitoring For Servers, Desktops, Laptops, Network Devices and Storage
  • Monitor Windows and Mac desktops and laptops
  • Track network performance, device status and backups
  • Schedule maintenance and updates for after hours

Managed Antivirus

Protect Against Known Viruses and Emerging Hard To Detect Malware
  • Centralized antivirus software for workstations and servers
  • Always up to date with the latest threats
  • Real-Time protection and scheduled system scans

Data Security

Protect Your Business From Data Loss And Theft
  • Backups stored locally and in encrypted cloud storage for disaster recovery
  • VPN for secure, remote access to your company network
  • Risk Intelligence scans to identify security vulnerabilities

Leverage Technology for Smoother Operations

Want technology that offers a direct ROI? Manage your energy use, streamline daily tasks and optimize meeting spaces with an integrated technology solution.
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